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Why Hire an International Freight Forwarder

What is an International Freight Forwarder or Intl Cargo Agency?

It is an intermediary company that helps you organize your imports and exports. It handles the logistics of documentation, tracking cargo, or help you by filing insurance claims when needed.

No matter the size of your business, when it comes to freight forwarding in general, there are many ways a freight forwarder can benefit you and gain an edge over your competitors.

Here are the advantages of hiring an International Freight Agency like Shipping Logistics:
Freight Transport involves different elements, which increases the probability of a problem occurring. The experience of the Cargo Agencies allows them to mitigate transportation problems when they arise.
An International Freight Forwarder like Shipping Logistics has the experience and knowledge to react quickly and solve problems the moment they arise. Without an International Freight Forwarder, you would have to deal with these problems yourself, taking time away from more profitable and important tasks for your business.
Let Shipping Logistics do the work for you, handling all the logistics of your cargo, like reservations or bookings, collection and delivery, documentation and dispatch of your merchandises. We have door to door service (not including local duties & taxes and additional charges, if they occur).
You could save on costs, since the International Freight Forwarder knows the complications of most of the necessary documents and processes when general cargo is exported, having fewer setbacks and probably fewer errors; therefore, you don’t have to spend as much time on paperwork and procedures as you would if you ordered directly, saving you time, money and effort; on Import cargo, the International Freight Forwarder is provided by the importers all the documentation needed for their goods.
Customs rules and regulations can make freight shipping confusing and complicated, especially when starting a business that requires dispatching goods internationally, shipping might require different processes and documents.
By using an international freight forwarder company like Shipping Logistics, you do not have to worry about shipping and receiving your cargo. The freight forwarder can keep track of the different requirements and regulations, so you can make sure your goods reach their destination without a hitch.
An International Freight Forwarder focuses on getting your goods from one place to another and can respond quickly if a problem arises; When you consider the ease and flexibility that an International Freight Forwarder company can provide to your business, the advantages they offer can make all the difference to your business.


For Shipping Logistics, our clients are the most important thing, therefore, we reinforce our security policies at all levels of our operation so that you have the confidence that your cargo is being handled in the best way.
All of our staff is trained to handle and transport your cargo in a professional manner. We implement additional security measures to avoid contamination of the merchandise; strict inspection and maintenance procedures of our fleet of vehicles and constant monitoring of the location (GPS) of the cargo, as well as the definition of safe routes to transit.
We require shipping companies to use certified seals according to the international standards defined in the ISO 17712 standard.